How to stay anonymous online with a VPN

How to stay anonymous online with a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) forms a protected, encoded tunnel between your device or PC and a VPN server. The entire traffic is sent via this ‘private’ link, keeping it shielded from any snooping eyes.

Besides, the primary IP address is substituted with a virtual one to make it look like you are located somewhere else.

Whereas there are loads of VPNs that assure secrecy, the one that is always vouched for is the PureVPN. It is anchored in confidentiality-sociable Hong-Kong, runs an extensive system of 2,000+ virtual private servers in over 140 nations, and has more than 300,000 anonymous IPs to using Virtual conceal the character behind.

Among of the unique solutions to make you secure and safe on the web is Virtual Private Network tunneling.

How do VPNs work?

Your PC set up a straight link with a VPN server. The connection is greatly encoded, which renders it ineffective to interrupt it. Even if somebody confines your VPN link, he will only receive a horde of useless data. Plus the tremendous thing is that one gets full access to the web, which couldn’t be sniffed by anybody – cybercriminals, experts from the ISP, even administration. It, also, hides your IP address on the internet, therefore no one; neither the site owners nor criminals can discover your locality.

Sounds so great to be factual? Well, let us state countries that practice Internet restriction. The principal is China, which possesses more Internet clients than America. Among the trendiest resources, like Facebook, Wikipedia and even YouTube are blocked by the Chinese regime. Therefore, VPN is being utilized by many of the Chinese populace, aiding them to go around the restrictions, the self-appointed Great China Fi

Here are some VPNs that can assist you to stay online anonymous:


Select this VPN if you mind about the upload speeds. In our tests, though, our “pure” download speeds still dropped by about a third once it was turned on (again, pretty standard across most of the VPNs we tested), and upload speeds dropped about the same.

This VPN has over 750 VPN servers in over 140+ different countries worldwide. Whether you’re streaming content, or want to unblock geo-restricted websites, or share files, the app makes it simple to switch between modes. Advanced users also have access to features like split-tunneling (you can read more about split-tunneling on this page, which lets you choose where to route your data through (either through your ISP or VPN).

PureVPN is obtainable in 3 plans: monthly, 6-months and 3-year. One single account on up to five gadgets at the same time. It functions with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Firefox, and chrome. PureVPN still has applications for streaming media like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Kodi, and Android TV.


NordVPN is amid the easiest VPNs to build across all of your gadgets. It works on a diversity of podiums counting, Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, plus more. It is as well among the elegant Virtual protocol networks out there.

Linking to Nord’s different servers is simple – simplify click on the location you desire to connect to on the globe. Also, this NordVPN virtual protocol network comes with an incorporated advertisement blocker known as “CyberSec.” Additionally, to blocking advertisements, the corporation says CyberSec will protect your gadget from phishing and malware.

Furthermore, Nord virtual protocol network comes with several useful highly developed traits power clients shall be pleased about. It has an “Internet Kill Switch” that shall permit your gadget access the web only when it is connected to a VPN. It is an “App Kill Switch” which can stop applications you have pre-chosen and besides the capability to link to a Double VPN, that encodes your traffic twofold for additional security.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Video streaming on services such as Hulu and Netflix can be more tricky when a VPN is connected as your internet speed will slow down.

If one is in a country where specific video services are banned, but you still desire to access them, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is recommendable.

This VPN comes with particular enthusiastic servers that are for streaming purposes. They are easy an-purpose server in San Francisco for streaming, one for Hulu and Netflix also in San Francisco, plus another situated in Hampshire, the UK for BBC iPlayer.